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Spring Seminar 2018

To be held on Friday 4th May 2018 at ISE Headquarters. In addition to our normal ASELB business, the Seminar will include technical presentations by guest speakers. Topics will include the following:

Under practical engineering matters, the intention will be to highlight certain member concerns in relation to site practises and building construction.

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Seminars and Technical Presentations

ASELB devises and arranges seminars specifically for the benefit of our members. These are usually held at ISE Headquarters during the Spring and Autumn of each year. Technical presentations and contributions are provided by guest speakers from industry, public and professional organisations and who are generally recognised as being leading experts in their areas of specialist knowledge and experience. Occasionally, presentations may be given by one of our own members.

Previous seminars have included presentations on the following subjects:

Technical Presentations are available as a download from the Members Area

ASELB News Bulletins

ASELB News Bulletins are issued from time to time to report on and bring our members attention to important news, trends and events in relation to matters of Structural engineering. These bulletins may also provide interim advice and guidance.

In recent times, Bulletins have covered such matters as canopy roof collapse, boundary wall failure and poor site construction practices.

Bulletins are available as a download from the Members Area.

Practical Guidance Notes

An item regurlarly featured on the ASELB Seminar agenda is on the subject of Practical Engineering Matters. This has quickly established itself and become a firm favourite with our members. It is usual for one or more subjects to be raised by the Steering Group, to encourage debate and feedback from members. The outcome of such is to develop and issue a series of Practical Guidance Notes to inform and guide our members.

Previous Guidance Notes have been issued on various subjects including:

Practical Guidance Notes are available as a download from the Members Area



Robustness of Precast Concrete Frames & Current Innovations in Offsite Construction

Our first guest speaker will be Jenny Burridge, who is the Head of Structural Engineering at the Concrete Centre where she provides advice on the efficient and effective use of concrete. Jenny has more than 30 years of experience working in the construction industry and has previously worked for Arup and AECOM, designinga number of award winning buildings.

Jenny's presentation is expected to cover a number of interesting items, including:

1. Work done in the precast concrete industry since the Ronan Point disaster, over 50 years ago
2. How robustness is ensured during design and construction
3. Some of the latest options for offsite concrete construction


LDSA Piling Guide v3 'Introduction'

The 2nd topic will be a joint presentation by Dinesh Patel and Stuart Pennington, representing Arup London Geotechnical Group.

Dinesh Patel is a Director and leads on geotechnical work involving building and infrastructure. With over 36 years of experience he has been involved with numerous construction projects including deep basements, rafts and piled foundations. Dinesh has published widely on technical research, engineering design, construction and foundation re-use.

Stuart Pennington is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer, who has worked for 18 years as a geotechnical consultant, both locally and internationally on a wide variety of projects including residential estates and commercial buildings, with basement construction.

The presentation will provide an introduction to the recently updated London District Surveyors Association publication 'Guidance Notes for the Design of Straight Shafted Bored Piles in London Clay'. In common with previous revision, the guidance notes aim to set out a common approach to the design of piles in London Clay.