Association for Structural Engineers of London Boroughs

about ASELB

ASELB (formerly known as SEMSELB) was set up in the early 1970s following a major incident in 1968 involving the progressive collapse of a high rise building known as Ronan Point. The Association includes representatives working in the field of structural engineering from each of the London Boroughs.

The aim now as it was then, is to help develop a consistent approach throughout London to promote best practice in relation to structural engineering and safety. ASELB members are concerned that with the growing trend towards high rise buildings and return to pre-fabricated construction and given the apparent reduction in the design checking and site inspections processes, such circumstances could provide the potential for defective and/or unsafe structures to occur during the design life of some of these buildings.

Formed over 25yrs ago to act in an advisory capacity to LoTAG (the London Technical Advisors Group) on matters of Structural Engineering.

An elected Steering Group is responsible for managing the operation and business of the association and for all arrangements for two seminars, usually held in the Spring and Autumn of each year at ISE Headquarters.

Membership is available through the payment of an annual subscription.

All business is conducted and governed by the ASELB Constitution and Rules, as agreed and adopted on 19 November 2015, and subject to administration by an elected steering group. To view Constitution please click below:


Our members

Membership is available to Structural Engineers who are working within a Local Authority environment and who are involved at senior level either in a design capacity or alternatively within Building Control.

Membership is limited to one representative from each borough. Payment of an annual subscription will permit Members to attend two Seminars each year with presentations on subjects of topical interest. These Seminars are normally held at the Headquarters of the Institution of Structural Engineers, during the Spring and Autumn of each year.

Associate Membership may also be available on request, which would allow the representative to attend any of the seminars by payment of a one off fee.

If you are interested in representing your borough as a Member or wish to become an Associate Member, or would just like to find out more about our activities, then please do not hesitate to contact the ASELB Secretary.


AIMS & Objectives

In relation to matters of Structural Engineering to:

  • Promote best professional practice and consistency of approach by effective networking
  • Act in an advisory capacity to the London Technical Advisors Group (LoTAG)
  • Promote Structural Safety, actively working through SCOSS (the Standing Committee on Structural Safety) and raising concerns with CROSS (Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety),
  • Organise and operate forums by which all members can exchange and discuss matters of topical interest.
  • Issue from time to time authoritative technical guidance and bulletins to members.





The organisation (formerly known as SEMSELB) will be known as ASELB (derived from Association for Structural Engineers of London Boroughs).


a. To promote best practice within the profession, appropriate to networking throughout the London Boroughs, and to act in an advisory capacity to the London Technical Advisors Group(LoTAG) on any matters of Structural Engineering.

b. To respond to specific requirements from LoTAG in carrying out their role as advisor to other associations or bodies and to discuss any matters of mutual interest.

c. To issue and disseminate relevant information to members.

d. To operate and organise forums by which all members can exchange and discuss matters of common structural engineering interest.

e. To liaise with similar associations of local government structural engineers in the pursuit of similar objectives.


a. The functions of ASELB shall be executed by any one member or number of members organised in such a manner as may be determined from time to time by and under the general oversight of a Steering Group.

b. The Steering Group shall carry out overall management and control of all functions and the Chairman of that Steering Group shall be the co-ordinator through whom ASELB operates and to whom reference is made on all matters affecting the management and control of ASELB affairs.

c. Working parties shall be formed from time to time at the instigation of the Steering Group who will present such working parties with a precise brief. The publication of any report produced by a working party will be the responsibility of the Steering Group.


a. Membership may be granted to:

the Senior Structural Engineer of each London Borough Council, Regional or Sub Regional Authority, having responsibility to their respective employers for matters of structural engineering construction, repairs and adequacy of buildings and other property. There shall be only one representative of each organisation in the membership who shall be granted member status with full rights.

b. At the discretion of the Steering Group, membership may be granted to:

staff in Local Government employment who have a common interest in the activities of ASELB but cannot satisfy the criteria in Clause 4a. above OR such other persons with whom ASELB would wish to associate from whom assistance in general and/or contribution in specific tasks would be considered to be beneficial to ASELB.

c. At the discretion of the Steering Group, Honorary membership, subject to an upper limit of four members and for a maximum period of 5 years, may be granted to:

past members of ASELB who have previously made significant contributions to the organisation and work of ASELB, who wish to retain an interest in ASELB affairs but no longer qualify for membership as defined by this constitution.

d. Membership in any form may be withdrawn (or extended) at any time by decision of the Steering Group.


The Steering Group shall be elected generally for a period of two years at a Seminar that is also an annual meeting. The Steering Group shall comprise a maximum of six members with three members being elected by the Steering Group to hold the following posts:

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.

The Steering Group shall meet as required but at least twice per annum. The Secretary shall record proceedings and distribute minutes to other members of the Steering Group and to the Chairman of LoTAG. The Steering Group shall nominate one of its members to also act as Liaison Officer to LoTAG who, subject to confirmation by LoTAG will enjoy full Associate Membership of LoTAG, giving general oversight to all matters which affect or are of concern to ASELB.


ASELB may advise from time to time on the need for co-opted members to committees or working parties. Such appointments shall be subject to the confirmation of the Steering Group and the ratification of LoTAG's appropriate Group Chairman after due consultation. Such co-option(s) shall proceed for the specific purpose(s) identified and be subject to annual renewal. Co-opted members will not be voting members of the group to which they are appointed.


No payment, other than properly incurred expenses, will be made to any class of member for participation in the business of ASELB.


A subscription inclusive of Seminar charges to Members shall be payable annually by each Member Borough of ASELB or the individual Member of a Borough at a level to be determined from time to time by the Steering Group. Notification of and invitations to Seminars will not be sent to Members who are in arrears with their Annual Subscription charge by twelve months or more at the time such invitations are being prepared. Associate Members will not be charged annual subscriptions due to the temporary nature of their membership however a charge determined by the Steering Group, will be levied to Associate Members who have indicated their intention to attend a Seminar. No charges will be levied whatsoever to any Honorary Member who attends seminars or any function organised by ASELB. Audited accounts for the activity of ASELB shall be presented annually to the full membership of ASELB by the Treasurer in close proximity to the end of the financial year in March.


i. Annual meeting.

ii. Business meetings. Business meetings of ASELB shall normally be held at such times as may be suitable to enable members to consider the matters properly referred to them.

iii. Special meetings. Special meetings may be held as required at the discretion of the Chairman of ASELB.


The Organisers of the Autumn and Spring Seminars shall be required to make all venue arrangements, prepare the agendas and undertake all other administrative tasks associated with the seminar including taking minutes which shall be agreed by the Steering Group before general distribution. The Secretary shall be responsible for all arrangements and minutes of the Steering Group meetings.


In the event that a matter is properly subjected to vote of the membership every motion or amendment which is in order shall be put to members by the Chairman or Acting-Chairman of ASELB and a vote shall be taken by ballot or a show of hands, only members being entitled to vote. The chairman shall be entitled to vote in the first instance and in the case of an equality of votes to give a casting vote whether the chairman has voted in the first instance or not. The Chairman shall declare the number voting for and against the motion or amendment and shall declare the result.


The rules and constitution shall be subject to periodic review by the Steering Group. In making a recommendation for change, the Steering Group will be required to have assured themselves that the suggested change meets the majority requirements of the membership.


Our members

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